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    Land of Opportunities

    Chile is has a longstanding mining tradition and is the most stable country in Latin America from a political and economic perspective. It invites you to know its opportunities.

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    Invitation to Investors

    Chile invites you to become a partner in 4 Greenfield exploration projects and in 2 Brownfield projects.

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    Mining Exploration Information

    Chile has a regularly updated database of mining properties. In addition, it has the National Geology Plan which provides geoscientific information.

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Why invest in Chile

Enami Projects

Chile invites you to become a partner in 4 Greenfield exploration projects, in a mining option and in partnership with ENAMI, to discover deposits in geological areas of interest for medium and large scale mining projects:

These are:

  • Cono Amarillo
  • Blanco
  • Manto Hermoso
  • Catedral

You  are  also  invited  to  partner  with  us  in  pre-feasibility  and  profile  engineering  for  two  Brownfield projects  in  middle  stages  of  development  owned  by  ENAMI.  Geological  and geophysical  information  is available  for  these  projects,  as  are  soundings,  for  analysis  and  reprocessing.  Chile  is  looking  for  a partnership that will make them operational within the medium term.

These projects are:

  • Lagarto
  • La dura – Caimanes

Mining Exploration Opportunities

Clear rules for foreings investments

Chile has a legal framework that provides stability and certainty for both private and foreign investment. Therefore, it offers low levels of legal uncertainty, which facilitates the delivery of mining permits for exploration and exploitation.

The main source for mining information

PDAC 2016 – Chile



Clear rules for foreing investment

Sernageomin: Mining Exploration Opportunities

Cochilco: The main source for mining information

Consejo Minero: the Chilean Mining Skills Council



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