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Construction companies: key players and strategic allies in the mining activity

foto_camaraMining has always occupied a very important place as percentage of our GDP and that would not have been possible without an adequate legal and political context, plus a virtuous alliance between mining and local construction companies, almost all of them members of our Chamber.
The Chilean Chamber of Construction is committed to the development of the mining activity and thus the development of Chile. Our members have actively contributed to this goal, positioning our country among the top producers of minerals, and will continue to do so.
We invite you to be part of this development in alliance with our companies.

Jorge Mas Figueroa
Cámara Chilena de la Construcción – Chilean Construction Chamber


Mining constitutes one of the main economic activities in many countries in South America, and Chile is no exception to this. Nevertheless, its dependence on the international market and the conditions of the financial sector makes it a fluctuating business. Currently it faces great challenges for keeping its competitiveness, as well as increases in project costs, water shortage and energy-related inconveniences, among many others.

Such issues are the ones constructing companies – the key players – must face when engaging in any mining project, making them a strategic ally for encouraging the strengthening of an industry on which lays great part of the country’s growth expectations and, hence, of all Chilean people.

Fundamental throughout this process, is the strong capacity for adapting these companies have been showing when facing the specific requirements of each project, the high level of specialization acquired and quality standards when carrying out tasks. All of this reaffirming that mining companies can focus on their main business, leaving the development of the necessary infrastructure in the hand of the construction companies.

Being Chile a mining country, both its authorities and the private sector have paid attention, permanently throughout history, to generate conditions that promote and strengthen trust. Besides, national enterprises have been up to the challenge, providing top quality services to the sector through construction, maintenance and execution of mining projects.

A proof is the activity’s development, which has positioned our country among the first places in mining production worldwide, with presence of companies from all latitudes and a varied, top level product and services industry of national origin.

Chile has developed a very comprehensive platform of mining services, which include a wide spectrum of activities, from exploration to earth moving and excavation, and industrial assembly, to mention a relevant few.

Chile is, therefore, a safe place for investing and developing long term business, and Chilean companies members of the Chilean Construction Chamber are first quality partners for executing projects at a domestic level, as well as in other countries in the region.

We invite you to engage with our associated companies who comply with high standards and experience working with mining companies, making possible the mineral extraction in the most diverse places of our difficult geography.

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