Water Resources

Paisaje en Aysén  .     Fotografía: Felipe Cantillana, Prochile, Fundación Imagen de Chile(FICH).   --  Con Copyright , Derechos Parciales CC BY- NC-ND-  Creative Commons  --

1. Constitutional protection of property rights
Domain of the title holder over the right of use of water is protected by the constitutional guarantee of property rights.

Against any act or omission, arbitrary or illegal, which may produce deprivation, disturbance or threat to the legitimate exercise of their right of domain over their right, the title holder may, among other procedural remedies, try the action of protection under Article 20 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile.

2. Freedom to use water
Individuals may allocate the use of water for the purposes they deem appropriate, respecting the rights of third parties (art. 6 of Water Code).

3. Gratuity for obtaining and maintaining rights
The holder of rights of use of water must only pay a fee for not using the water. (Art. 129 bis 4 of the Water Code).

4. Free transfer of rights
The holder of rights of use of water may execute or celebrate all kind of acts or contracts regarding their rights, i.e., they may sell, give, tranfer, etc. (Art. 6 of the Water Code).

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