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Global mining companies are investing in Chile with a long term vision

Mining has been fundamental for Chile´s growth and still has the potential for leading the country in the leap to development. Some of the key factors for this contribution have been a stable economy and institutions, sound public policies, skilled workforce and, of course, an exceptional richness in natural resources. This combination has drawn global mining companies to invest in the country with a long term vision and implementing the highest standards. The PDAC Convention presents a unique opportunity to showcase not only what Chilean mining industry has done but also what still has to offer. As Consejo Minero we are delighted to provide our view and experience, being part of the Chilean delegation at the PDAC 2016.

Joaquín Villarino
Consejo Minero – Mining Council

Consejo Minero (Mining Council) was founded in 1998 and is the association of the largest copper, gold, silver and molybdenum producing companies operating in Chile. They include national and foreign companies, both private and State owned.

Consejo Minero´s strategic objectives are: promoting the competitive and sustainable development of Chilean mining while contributing to the country’s welfare; disseminating the mining sector´s reality, its challenges and contribution to Chile’s development; contributing to the process of creating modern, effective and stable public policies for mining and its environment; and contributing to overcoming the sectorial challenges in terms of human capital, energy and water resources, among others.

The companies that are part of  Consejo Minero have each a production of more than 50.000 tons of copper per year, or an economically equivalent amount in other metals. Together they represent: 96% of national production of copper, 50% of national production of gold, 60% of national production of silver and 99% of national production of molybdenum.

All of them have a long term perspective, they are committed to sustainability, investment intensive, leaders in safety standards, and strongly promote innovation and the use of technology. They also engage with their communities and are attractive in terms of worker´s benefits.

Consejo Minero’s technical work is mainly undertaken by its committees. These are related to the following areas: Social Environment, Human Capital, Environment, Energy and Climate Change, and Water Resources. All of the above work with a cross-cutting perspective that incorporates competitiveness and sustainability. Each committee analyzes its respective subjects in a profound and systematic way from an economic, environmental, regulatory, technical and social perspective. They identify future opportunities and challenges and share industry’s best practices.

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