All mining investment projects over 5000 tons per month and any other project likely to have an environmental impact, at any of its stages, and that are located in parks, national reserves, natural monuments, wilderness reserve areas, wildlife sanctuaries, marine reserves or any other official protected area must be registered in the Assessment of Environmental Impact System (referred as SEIA by its Spanish acronym).

All environmental aspects of this kind of mining project are processed in a centralized way at the SEIA, which is in charge of the Service of Environmental Assessment (SEA by its Spanish acronym):

  1. The SEA coordinates the competent environmental services.
  2. The SEA suggests to the Environmental Assessment Commission to aprove or reject the project.
  3. Commitments, measures of mitigation and compensation acquired by companies through their environmental qualification resolutions are required by law.

  • The SEIA is characterized by its transparency. It is possible to review the record of any project that has been registered on www.seia.cl. On the file you can see the declaration of all services with environmental competence involved in the evaluation process can be reviewed as well as the background provided by the project holder. Access to these files is public.
  • Projects under 5000 tons per month shall process their sectoral permits with competent agencies such as Sernageomin.


  • Law on Environmental Bases (Law 19.300), modified by Law 20417, year 2010, where the fundamentals of environmental institutionalism is based: Law 19.300
  • Bylaws: DS 40/2012

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