National Mining Association of Chile

“We are an attractive country to invest in mining”

We are pleased to be involved again with Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), because we believe that this exploration fair is a marvellous showcase about what is happening in the mining world. For Chile, an essentially mining country, our participation is critically important because, beyond the current situation, mining will continue to be a key development driver for our country. We are an attractive place to invest in mining. We have institutional, economic, social and political stability with geological potential and the contribution of workers, technicians and professionals, with a high level of qualification.

Alberto Salas
SONAMI – National Mining Association of Chile


The National Mining Association of Chile (SONAMI) is an institution with 132 years of existence that brings together and represents large, medium and small scale mining, metallic and nonmetallic.

It was founded on September 26, 1883. Over the years, it has contributed to the growth of private mining and the improvement of mining institutions and legislation, as well as to the development of a skilful work force in the sector.

Currently, it brings together 76 medium and large mining size and suppliers, as well as 38 regional mining associations, representing more than three thousand small mining companies.

Internationally, it is founder and member of the Inter-American Mining Society (SIM), an institution formed by mining chambers and associations of the region. In addition, it is part of the Latin American Mining Organization (OLAMI), composed of national coordination units of 16 countries in the region, where stakeholders involved in the industry, from government, business and academia are represented. It also integrates the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), which brings together leading mining and metals companies and associations of the world, which aims to ensure sustainable development of the mining industry.

SONAMI’s main objectives are to support the development of private, large, medium and small size mining; be the benchmark for private mining in Chile; represent the general interests of the mineral sector before national and international authorities and agencies, and provide information and support services to its members in technical, legal, labor, environmental, tax and economic matters.

Currently, SONAMI has two non-profit foundations for the development of its strategic objectives: the National Mining Association Foundation and the Technological Foundation for Mining, focusing on job training and education of people, research and development, as support of culture and arts, and technology transfer.


National Mining Association of Chile

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