In mining, TRUST is fundamental, because it is characteristic of long-term projects that require huge investments and the linking of many parts and elements.

In Chile, trust is based mainly on the existence of an institutional environment that favors the economic activity and protects the Constitutional state, as well as on good governance, the availability of a trained labor force dully trained and with a suitable service network, and lastly, a society that embraces these projects and benefits from them.

Chile is a mining country, its authorities and private sector have been constantly, focused throughout history, on generating conditions that support and strengthen this trust. Proof of that, is the development in the activity, which has placed Chile in the first places of copper mining production worldwide, with the presence of mining companies on every latitude and first-rate national product for mining.

Chile is a safe place and a reliable partner to invest and develop long-term business, and Chilean companies are good counterparts to develop business endeavors, either in the same country or in other of  the region.

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